How to Use bloginfo Parameters in the WordPress Twenty Fifteen Header Template

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson

The Header template makes much use of one WordPress template tag in particular: bloginfo();. What differentiates the type of information that a tag pulls in is a parameter. Parameters are placed inside the parentheses of the tag, enclosed in single quotations. For the most part, these parameters pull information from the settings on your WordPress Dashboard. The template tag to get your blog title, for example, looks like this:

<?php bloginfo( ‘name’ ); ?>

This table lists the various parameters you need for the bloginfo(); tag and shows you what the template tag looks like. Some of these parameters are used in the Twenty Fifteen header.php template file and pertain only to the bloginfo(); template tag.

Parameter Information Tag
charset Character settings, set in Settings/General <?php bloginfo( charset ); ?>
name Site title, set in Settings/General <?php bloginfo( name ); ?>
description Tagline for your site, set in Settings/General <?php bloginfo( description
); ?>
url Your site’s web address, set in Settings/General <?php bloginfo( url ); ?>
stylesheet_url URL of primary CSS file <?php bloginfo( stylesheet_url
); ?>
pingback_url Displays the trackback URL for your site on single post
<?php bloginfo( pingback_url
); ?>