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Finding a Web Host that Provides WordPress Features

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Web hosts consider WordPress a third-party application; therefore, the host typically won’t provide technical support for WordPress (or any other software application) because it isn’t included in your hosting package. However, several web-hosting providers have WordPress–related services available for additional fees.

The popularity of WordPress has given birth to services on the web that emphasize its use. These services include WordPress designers, WordPress consultants, and — yes — web hosts that specialize in using WordPress. Many of these hosts offer a full array of WordPress features, such as an automatic WordPress installation included with your account, a library of WordPress themes, and a staff of support technicians who are experienced in using WordPress.

Here’s a list of some of those providers, each with its own packages, pricing models, and features:

To find out whether your chosen host supports WordPress, always ask. As a WordPress user, you can find WordPress support in the official forums.

A few web-hosting providers offer free domain name registration when you sign up for hosting services. Research the way a hosting provider handles domain registration and read its terms of service, because that free domain name may come with conditions.

Many people have gone this route only to find out a few months later that the web-hosting provider has full control of the domain name and they aren’t allowed to move that domain off the host’s servers, either for a set period (usually a year or two) or for infinity. It’s always best to have the control in your hands, not someone else’s, so try and stick with an independent domain registrar, such as Network Solutions.