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3 Helpful Web Add-ons for the Mozilla Firefox Browser

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Mozilla’s Firefox browser is one of the popular browsers on the web today, and it has hundreds of add-ons available to enhance the browsing experience. Here are three Firefox add-ons that will make your web design and development easier, more efficient, and just plain fun:

  • Firebug: Firebug integrates into the Firefox browser and provides you with a host of tools for web development, including the ability to edit, debug, and monitor the behaviors of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live for any web page you view. You can open a web page in Firefox, and then activate the CSS editing tool in Firebug and perform live CSS editing — which makes your website development go much faster.

  • FireShot: FireShot gives you the tools to take quality screenshots of any website you view in Firefox. Not only does FireShot allow you to capture any web page you’re viewing, but it also has an extensive editor so you can open the screen capture and edit it by adding text, graphics, annotations, and more. This is a very helpful tool for a designer because you can use it to take screenshots of your work to develop a portfolio/gallery to display on your website; and you can also take screenshots of client projects and add annotations to share with your client, as needed.

  • Web Developer: This add-on adds a very helpful toolbar to your Firefox browser, giving you access to several types of web development tools, such as CSS/HTML viewing and editing, image information, browser resizing, CSS/HTML validation tools, and more.

To view all of the currently available add-ons for the Firefox browser, visit Add-ons for Firefox.