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10 Great Free WordPress Themes to Use on Your Site

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson

The official WordPress Themes Directory contains over 1,750 themes, and the following list gives you a glimpse at some popular free ones that you can download and install on your WordPress website and start using today:

  • Responsive: This is a great example of a responsive theme for WordPress and uses a flexible and fluid grid system that responds to the viewing environment for computer, smartphone, or tablet browsing.

  • Attitude: This is a great theme for small businesses because it provides elegant design with a front page template that creates more of a website feel, as opposed to a blog. This theme is also responsive and adapts nicely to all browsing environments.

  • Pinboard: This free theme is great for online portfolios for a designer, or for a photographer to showcase images, videos, or any other types of media. The layout is responsive, so it adapts to mobile and tablet environments.

  • Pinpress: If you’re familiar with the popular social media network called Pinterest, you will recognize the layout and design of this free theme, because it has a Pinterest look and feel to it. The theme is responsive and adapts well to all browsing environments.

  • Discover: This clean theme is well suited for a small business or non-profit organization. It has a nicely designed front page template that uses widgets to allow you to easily organize content.

  • Mog: This theme is well suited for a simple blog and has a very minimalistic design that has one column to showcase your writing.

  • Custom Community: This theme appears to have it all, from design to features. It’s compatible with the BuddyPress plugin so you can turn your website into a social networking community. It offers several layout options to create the popular magazine type layout, as well as jQuery sliders for the presentation of images and media content. This theme also supports the popular e-commerce WooCommerce plugin, which enables you to turn your WordPress website into a storefront to sell products and services.

  • Leaf: This customizable WordPress theme allows you to easily create your own look and feel through the use of theme options. It uses jQuery effects for the navigation menu, built-in pagination for post pages, and styles for the different post formats, and it’s responsive for mobile and table browsing.

  • iFeature: This theme sells itself as “Touch Friendly,” which means it’s compatible with mobile and table devices and uses touchscreen basics that you would expect on touch-friendly devices like smartphones and tablets. It offers features like click-to-call phone numbers and click-to-e-mail contact links, and makes sure that touch targets (like links, menus, and images) are easy to hit with your fingers. The theme options are also easily configured through a drag and drop interface.

  • Eclipse: If you like a theme with dark colors, this one is sure to please. It is responsive for mobile and tablet environments and offers drag-and-drop theme options for easy customization in the WordPress Dashboard.

Free WordPress themes are great free resources to learn from. Download the themes and start peeking into the template code to discover how the theme is implementing the different features and examine the CSS and HTML markup to see how other designers use them for style and layouts.