Why Should I Use the WordPress Twenty Ten Theme? - dummies

Why Should I Use the WordPress Twenty Ten Theme?

Bundled with every WordPress installation is the default Twenty Ten theme. Because the Twenty Ten theme is the default theme, it’s worth your while to explore its features before you decide on the theme to use for your WordPress site.

The Twenty Ten theme was created by the core WordPress team and named for the year it was released to the public. It’s a starter theme that gets new users up and running with their web sites quickly. This clean-looking theme utilizes many of the built-in display features standard to a basic WordPress install, allowing you to make simple, yet elegant, tweaks to the theme. The Twenty Ten theme includes the ability to:

  • Use different header images (such as your own custom header graphics)

  • Change the background colors or to add an image

  • Build custom navigation menus easily with the Custom Menu feature

By working with the Twenty Ten theme, you gain an understanding of the features WordPress users are accustomed to seeing in themes. If you plan to create your own WordPress themes, you can find out a lot by exploring these common features so you can implement them in your own themes.


As you can see, the Twenty Ten theme offers a clean design style that’s highly customizable for the millions of WordPress users who want a simple look that focuses on the content for their sites. As such, the font is sharp and easy to read.

The Twenty Ten theme contains built-in features, such as different layouts, headers, backgrounds, menus, and widgets. Using the page templates provided in the Twenty Ten theme, you can choose how many columns you want to use for your design layout—two columns (with a content area on the left and a sidebar on the right) or one column (in which the content area fills the screen from left to right).