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What Do You Need to Install WordPress?

Installing WordPress is a multi-step process that involves setting up your MySQl database, uploading the WordPress installation files and finally running the install script. By the time you’re finally ready to install WordPress.org, you should have done the following things:

  • Purchased the domain name registration for your account

  • Obtained a hosting service on a Web server for your blog

  • Established your hosting account username, password, and FTP address

  • Acquired an FTP client for transferring files to your hosting account

Some Web hosts now offer a one-click installation process for WordPress. If this is the case for you, you can simply follow the instructions provided by your Web host.

If you have to install WordPress manually, here’s where the rubber meets the road — that is, you’re putting WordPress’s famous five-minute installation to the test. Set your watch, and see whether you can meet that five-minute mark.

The famous five-minute installation includes the time it takes to install the software only. It does not include the time to register a domain name; the time to obtain and set up your Web hosting service; or the time to download, install, configure, and learn how to use the FTP software.

Without further ado, go get the latest version of the WordPress software. WordPress gives you two compression formats for the software: zip and tar.gz. The zip file may be a better choice, because it is the most common format for compressed files.

Download the WordPress software to your computer and decompress (or unpack, or unzip) it to a folder on your computer’s hard drive. These steps are the first in the installation process for WordPress. Having the program on your own computer isn’t enough, however; you also need to upload (transfer) it to your Web server account. Before installing WordPress on your Web server, you need to make sure that you have a MySQL database all set up and ready to accept the WordPress installation.