How to Update Twitter from Your WordPress Blog - dummies

How to Update Twitter from Your WordPress Blog

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson

You can find tons of plugins to integrate Twitter into your WordPress site. From how the tweets show up on your sidebar to how tweets are integrated into your comments, the WordPress community has tons of solutions to help you show off your Twitter account on your site.

These plugins change often, so try different ones, depending on how you want to integrate Twitter into your site. But if you want to turn your WordPress Dashboard into more of a social media command center, you can tweet right from your WordPress Dashboard.

Although tools such as TweetDeck, Buffer, and Hootsuite are better designed for an active and strategic Twitter presence, having the ability to tweet from your WordPress Dashboard allows you to update all your social media from one spot. If you’re getting started in social media, this integration makes your social media use efficient and continually reminds you to participate.

One of the best WordPress integration plugins for this purpose is the Jetpack for WordPress plugin by Automattic. This plugin can update your Twitter feed whenever you publish a new post. You can update Twitter about new posts by using Hootsuite, FeedBurner, and other free tools, but going with the Jetpack plugin allows you to automatically post your new content to Twitter.