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Where to Find Technical Support for WordPress Plugins

Everyone who uses plugins on their WordPress website or blog has had this happen at some point: They find the perfect plugin but have no idea how to use it. What can you do when you can’t figure out how to use the plugin or a plugin just doesn’t seem to work for you at all?

Here are some resources to look up to resolve plugin issues.

  • Google: Google is your primary resource. One trick is to do a site search on a website you know may have the solution to your problem. For instance, you can type this in the Google search field: site:wordpress.org/support/ plugin won’t activate to search the WordPress Forums page for the phrase, “plugin won’t activate.”

  • Search WordPress.org support forums: Every day, countless WordPress enthusiasts volunteer hours of their time assisting people with general WordPress troubles and plugin-specific problems.

  • Contact the plugin developer: Most, but not all, plugin developers maintain documentation about their plugins. This help may be located on the plugin’s page in the Plugin Directory or on the author’s website. Many plugin authors also run a support forum for their plugins. If the provided documentation is not sufficient or nonexistent, you can reach out to the developer directly.

    Before contacting a plugin developer directly, make sure that you have exhausted all other means of figuring out the problem yourself, as the developer likely receives a great deal of support requests.

  • Hire a WordPress consultant: Sometimes you just want to pay an expert to solve your issues quickly. Codepoet.com has a list of verified WordPress consultants who make a living helping people with their WordPress problems.