How to Use a WordPress Twenty Thirteen Header Image - dummies

How to Use a WordPress Twenty Thirteen Header Image

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Most WordPress themes have a header image that appears at the top of the website. This image is generated by a graphic defined in the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) value for the property that represents the header area or through the use of a custom header feature in WordPress.

In the Twenty Thirteen theme, all the hard work’s done for you, so including a custom header image on a site that uses that theme is pretty easy.To use one of the available header images on your site, follow these steps:

  1. On the WordPress Dashboard, choose Appearance→Header.

    The Custom Header page appears in your browser window. Notice in the Preview section that one of the header images is selected by default and is already displayed on your website.

  2. Scroll to the Default Images section, which shows the available header images, and select the header image you like.

    The first one is already selected by default. You can also select the random option to have a different header image appear with each page view.


  3. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

    The Custom Header page refreshes and displays your chosen header image in the Preview section.

You can easily switch between the different header images by revisiting the Custom Header page and applying one of the other header images on your site by following the preceding steps.