How to Activate (or Deactivate) WordPress Plugins - dummies

How to Activate (or Deactivate) WordPress Plugins

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson

With more than 20,000 WordPress plugins available, you need to know how to activate and deactivate plugins. After a plugin is on your WordPress site, activating it is extremely simple. To activate a plugin, do the following:

  1. Log in to the WordPress Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to the Plugins page by clicking the Plugins menu link.

  3. Find the plugin you want to activate on the Plugins page.

  4. Click the Activate link just below the plugin’s name in the listing.

If everything goes well, you get a notice that states Plugin activated, and the plugin has been activated successfully. If a long error message is shown in the activation notice, the plugin has an issue that is preventing it from activating. Copy the message that appears in the notice and send the details to the plugin author for help on fixing the issue.


Deactivating a plugin is the same process as activating a plugin. Simply follow the same steps but click the Deactivate link for the plugin that should be deactivated. You get a message at the top of your Dashboard telling you the plugin has been successfully deactivated.