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Share Your WordPress Content on Popular Social Media Networks

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson

A popular method of gaining increased exposure for your WordPress content, and a good practice to drive readership traffic to your website, is to share your published content across various popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. The practice of sharing content across various social media networks is adopted by millions of bloggers for reasons including:

  • The ability to share content with friends and family quickly.

  • Increase the exposure of the content by putting in front of millions of viewers who are on the social media networks.

  • Drive traffic to your website by providing links to your website on popular social media networks

The WordPress software does not provide you with an easy method, by default, to automate the sharing of your content on social networks. There are, however, several popular plugins for WordPress that do and this article provides you with a list of popular social media sharing plugins that you can check out and use and covers the sharing to social networks such as these:

Check out these plugins if social media sharing is something you would like to explore for your own WordPress content:

  • Jetpack by Jetpack is a plugin that hosts several different modules for you to choose from, including social sharing. When activated, the Jetpack plugin gives you access to a sharing module that embeds social media sharing buttons within your content for social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, and more. The social sharing buttons that get embedded on your site enable real-time content sharing that allows you, and your readers, to post links to your content across several social media networks.

  • Facebook plugin: The Facebook plugin for WordPress was developed by Automattic in collaboration with developers from The plugin adds various different Facebook plugins on your WordPress website that enables you to have features such as these:

    • Like, Send, and Follow buttons to place on your website to allow visitors to your website to easily find you on the Facebook network.

    • Automatic publishing of your posts to your Facebook page. It simultaneously publishes a link to your new blog post on your Facebook page, making it available for all of your friends and followers to read and click to view it on your website.

  • WP to Twitter: The WP to Twitter plugin gives you the ability to connect your WordPress blog with your Twitter account. When you do, every post you publish to your WordPress website gets automatically posted to your Twitter account as a link so your Twitter followers can find your new article. This plugin allows you to use Twitter hashtags, multi-author Twitter accounts, and scheduled tweet management for when you want to pre-schedule tweets for your Twitter account.