The Quick Draft and WordPress News Modules on the WordPress Dashboard - dummies

The Quick Draft and WordPress News Modules on the WordPress Dashboard

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson

The WordPress Dashboard gives you several options for quick reference and functionality. For example, the Quick Draft module and WordPress News module are both great tools that make quick work of your WordPress visit.

Quick Draft

The Quick Draft module is a handy form that allows you to write, save, and publish a blog post right from your WordPress Dashboard.

If you’re using a brand new WordPress blog and this is a new installation, the Drafts list in the Quick Draft module does not appear. That’s because you haven’t written any drafts.

As time goes on, however, and you’ve written a few posts in your blog, you may save some of those posts as Drafts — to be edited and published at a later date. Those drafts show up in the Drafts sections of the Quick Draft module.

WordPress displays up to five drafts and displays the title of the post and the date it was last saved. Click the post title to go to the Edit Post page where you can view, edit, and manage the draft post.

WordPress News

When you first install WordPress, the WordPress News module is by default populated with the two most recent updates from the official WordPress blog at You see the title of the last post, the date it was published, and a short excerpt of the post. Click a title and you go directly to that post on the WordPress blog.

Following the updates of the WordPress Blog is very useful, and it’s definitely recommended because every single time you log in to your WordPress Dashboard, a glance at this section informs you about any news, updates, or alerts from the makers of WordPress. You can find out about any new versions of the software, security patches, or other important news regarding the software you are using to power your blog.