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How to Find Inline Documentation and Help in the WordPress Dashboard

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson

One thing you should really appreciate about the WordPress software is the time and effort put in by the developers to provide users with tons of inline documentation that provides you with several tips and hints right inside the Dashboard. You can generally find inline documentation for just about every WordPress feature you use.

Inline documentation are those small sentences and/or phrases that you see alongside, or underneath, a feature in WordPress that give a short but very helpful explanation of what the feature is and serve as guiding tips that correspond with each feature. These tips sometimes even provide basic, recommended settings.

In addition to the inline documentation that you see scattered throughout the Dashboard, you’ll find a helpful tab in the upper-right corner of your Dashboard labeled Help. Click this tab and a panel drops down that contains a lot of text providing documentation relevant to the page you are currently viewing on your Dashboard.

For example, if you’re viewing the General Settings page, the Help tab drops down documentation relevant to the General Settings page. Likewise, if you’re viewing the Add New Post page, clicking the Help tab drops down documentation with topics relevant to the settings and features you find on the Add New Post page within your Dashboard. Just click the Help tab again to close the Help panel.

The inline documentation and the topics and text you find under the Help tab exist to assist and support you as you experience the WordPress platform to help make it as easy to understand as possible. You can also find help and support for WordPress on the WordPress Support Forums.


Throughout the different pages of your WordPress Dashboard, you can apply the customization features on the main Dashboard page. Every section of the WordPress Dashboard is customizable with drag-and-drop modules, screen options, and inline help and documentation.

Have a look at the Add New Post page on the WordPress Dashboard.


The Screen Options menu shows your options for customization, including the following:

  • Check boxes that you can select to display the Author, Categories, Tags, Comments, and Date of the posts listed on the Posts page

  • A text field for you to input the number of posts you want displayed on the Posts page


Another helpful feature in the Help menu on each page of the WordPress Dashboard is the links that lead you to other areas on the Internet that contain additional help, support topics, and resources for you to learn more about the various WordPress features.