How to Find Inline Documentation and Help for WordPress - dummies

How to Find Inline Documentation and Help for WordPress

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson

The developers of the WordPress software really put in time and effort to provide tons of inline documentation that gives you several tips and hints right inside the Dashboard. You can generally find inline documentation for nearly every WordPress feature you’ll use.

Inline documentation refers to those small sentences or phrases that you see alongside or below a feature in WordPress that give a short, but very helpful, explanation about what the feature is. Here is the General Settings page, where a lot of inline documentation and guiding tips correspond with each feature. These tips can clue you into what the features are, how to use them, and some basic recommended settings.


In addition to the inline documentation that you find scattered throughout the Dashboard, a helpful Help tab is located in the upper-right corner of your Dashboard. Click this tab to open a panel that contains help text that is relevant to the page you’re currently viewing in your Dashboard.

For example, if you’re viewing the General Settings page, the Help tab displays documentation relevant to the General Settings page. Likewise, if you’re viewing the Add New Post page, the Help tab displays documentation with topics relevant to the settings and features you find on the Add New Post page within your Dashboard.

The inline documentation and the topics and text you find in the Help tab both exist to assist you while you work with the WordPress platform, helping make the experience as easy to understand as possible. Other places on the web that you can visit to find help and useful support for WordPress include the WordPress Support Forums.