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Moderate and Manage Comments and Trackbacks on Your WordPress Blog

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Hopefully, your WordPress blog will incite your readers to comment on your blog posts. To find your comments, click the Comments link on the Dashboard navigation menu; the Comments page opens.


When you hover your mouse over your comments, several links appear that give you the opportunity to manage those comments:

  • Unapprove: This link appears only if you have comment moderation turned on and with only approved comments. The comment is placed in the moderation queue, which you get to by clicking the Awaiting Moderation link that appears below the Manage Comments header. The moderation queue is kind of a holding area for comments that haven’t yet been published to your blog.

  • Reply: Click this link and a text box drops down, into which you can type and submit your reply to the person who commented. This feature eliminates the need to have to load your live site to reply to a comment.

  • Quick Edit: Click this link and, without ever leaving the Comments page, the comment options open, and you can configure the post options such as name, e-mail, URL, and comment content. Click the Save button to save your changes.

  • Edit: Click this link to open the Edit Comment page, where you can edit the different fields such as name, e-mail, URL, and comment content.

  • Spam: Click this link to mark the comment as spam and toss it into the spam bin, where it will never be heard from again!

  • Trash: This link does exactly what it says; it sends the comment to the trash can and deletes it from your blog.


If you have a lot of comments listed in the Comments page and want to bulk-manage them, select the boxes to the left of all the comments you want to manage, then select one of the following from the Actions drop-down menu at the top left of the Comments page: Approve, Mark As Spam, Unapprove, or Delete.

If you have your options set so that comments aren’t published to your blog until you approve them, you can approve comments from the Comments page as well. Just click the Pending link on the Comments page and you go to the Edit Comments page. If you have comments and/or trackbacks awaiting moderation, you see them here and you can approve them, mark them as spam, or delete them.

A nice feature of WordPress is that it immediately notifies you of any comments sitting in the moderation queue, awaiting your action. This notification appears as a small circle to the right of the Comments menu in the left navigation menu on every single page.