Interact with Your WordPress Blog through SMS (Text Messaging)

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson, Matt Mullenweg

Enabling the text messaging feature in WordPress allows you to take your blog with you wherever you go by interacting with your blog via your mobile phone through SMS/text messaging. Click the Text Messaging link in the Settings submenu to load the Text Messaging Settings page on your Dashboard and enter your ten-digit mobile phone number in the fields provided.

Then click the Send Activation button. WordPress sends a code to your phone, via text message. Enter that code in the field provided on the Text Messaging Settings page on your Dashboard to complete the steps required to enable text messaging.

With text messaging enabled, you can perform the following functions on your WordPress blog through your mobile phone:

  • Receive comment notifications and moderate comments: With comment notifications sent to your mobile phone, WordPress provides a comment moderation ModCode for each comment. To approve the comment, reply with a text message that says: Approve 10 (where 10 is the ModCode provided by WordPress for that comment). To unapprove the comment, text back with a message that says: Unapprove 10.

  • Reply to comments: When you receive a new comment notification, you can reply to the comment via text message by using the ModCode and replying with something like: Reply 10 Thanks for your comment! (where 10 is the ModCode provided by WordPress for that comment.)

  • Publish new posts: You’re limited when publishing a new post via text message because you’re limited to 160 characters or less. So, the post you make via text message is more like a status update than a full blog post. To create a new post via text message, send a text message to 77377 that says something like: POST I am posting via SMS!

All texts from WordPress come from the shortcode 77377, so when you send text messages to your blog, 77377 is the shortcode to use in place of a standard phone number.

You can text HELP to 77377 to obtain additional help for the use of text messaging with WordPress. You can also text STOP to 77377 to disable the text messaging feature on your WordPress blog.