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How to Use WordPress RSS Feeds with Your Social Media Accounts

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson

RSS feed technology is an important part of publishing content on a blog or website with WordPress. RSS doesn’t only give your readers an option to subscribe to syndicated content from your website. website publishers are also involved in other social networks that use the RSS feeds from their sites to publish, market, and help other Internet browsers discover their content, including

  • Twitter: This very popular social media network is full of would-be visitors to websites. Tools allow you to publish new blog posts and content to your Twitter stream, as well. This is a powerful marketing tool that many site owners use.

  • Facebook: This is another extremely popular social media community that allows you to automatically publish your blog and website content into your Facebook profile, which puts your content in front of hundreds of eyes within the network. You can display the content from your business site on your personal Facebook profile page. This happens through the magic of sharing your RSS feed from your website with your Facebook account.


Additionally, WordPress has a handy widget that allows you to display content from an RSS feed of your choice on your website.