How to Use Safari and Opera with WordPress - dummies

How to Use Safari and Opera with WordPress

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Safari and Opera are used regularly and are useful to know about as a WordPress user, but aren’t quite as popular as Chrome, IE, or Firefox. However, they’re definitely worth checking out:

  • Opera: Opera is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux and markets itself as fast, secure, and completely in line with open web standards, including cutting-edge development languages like HTML5 and CSS3. Opera has add-ons available as well that you’ll want to check out.

  • Safari: Safari is installed on every Mac, from large iMacs to MacBook laptops to iPads and iPhones. In short, Safari is an Apple product; however, it can also be installed on Windows. Instead of a bunch of add-ons that you can download and install for web development, Safari has built-in web developer tools, such as

    • A developer toolbar with tools for website manipulation, testing, and debugging

    • A web Inspector with a wealth of web development tools, including an Element pane where you can inspect CSS markup

    • A Resources pane that displays a website’s resources by date, size, and speed

    • A JavaScript Debugger that displays any problems your site is experiencing due to JavaScript that is in use

    • A Timeline pane that analyzes a website’s behavior over time

    • A JavaScript Profiler that lists the performance characteristics of scripts that run on a website

    • A Console pane for debugging

    • A Snippet Editor to test HTML markup