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How to Use RSS Feed Readers With WordPress Blogs

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Users can use feed readers to download your RSS feed. The feed readers are set up to automatically discover new content from your WordPress blog and download that content for users’ consumption. Users can download several RSS feed readers, for either a PC or a Mac — and there are also popular and accessible online RSS feed readers available on the Internet.

Feedly a free RSS reader with applications for the Chrome browser, iPhones, and so on, is a popular online RSS reader on the web. With Feedly, readers can keep up with their favorite blogs and websites that have syndicated (RSS) content.

Most browser systems alert visitors to the RSS feed on your site by displaying the universally recognized orange RSS feed icon, shown here in the margin.

Keep in mind that almost all browser systems have built-in RSS readers. Just look for the small RSS icon in the address bar of your favorite browser (such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) and click it. The RSS feeds you’ve saved appear directly in your browser window.

For the readers of your blog to stay updated with the latest and greatest content you post to your site, they need to subscribe to your RSS feed. Most blogging platforms allow the RSS feeds to be autodiscovered by the various feed readers — meaning that the user needs only to enter your site’s URL, and the program automatically finds your RSS feed.

WordPress has built-in RSS feeds in several formats. Because the feeds are built in to the software platform, you don’t need to do anything to provide your readers with an RSS feed of your content.