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How to Set the Date and Time in Your Blog

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson

After you configure the name, tagline, and e-mail options for your WordPress blog, the remaining items on the General Settings page include setting your local time zone so that your blog posts are published with a time stamp in your own time zone no matter where in the world you are. Use the following options to establish your settings in this area.

  • Timezone: Choose your UTC time from the drop-down menu. This setting refers to the number of hours that your local time differs from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). This setting ensures that all your blog posts and comments left on your blog are time-stamped with the correct time.

    If you’re unsure what your UTC time is, you can find it at the Greenwich Mean Time website. GMT is essentially the same thing as UTC. WordPress provides some major city names in the Timezone drop-down menu to help make it easier to select your correct time zone. If you live in an area that recognizes daylight saving time, your WordPress blog will automatically update when the time comes.


  • Date Format: Select how you want to display the date. The default format is F j, Y (F = the full month name; j = the two-digit day; Y = the four-digit year), which gives you the output of June 24, 2012. Select a different format by clicking the circle to the left of the option.

  • Time Format: Select how you want to display the time. The default format is g:i a (g = the two-digit hour; i = the two-digit minute; a = lowercase a.m. or p.m.), which gives you the output of 10:15 a.m. Select a different format by clicking the circle to the left of the option.

    You can also customize the date display by selecting the Custom option and entering your preferred format in the text box provided.

  • Week Starts On: From the drop-down menu, choose the day the week starts in your calendar. The display of the calendar in the sidebar of your blog is optional. If you choose to display the calendar, you can select the day of the week you want your calendar to start with.

  • Blog Picture/Icon: At the top right of the Settings page, click the Choose File button to select an image from your computer that represents your blog across the network, then upload and save it.

Finally, set your language preference by clicking the Language drop-down menu and selecting from the several different language options provided by WordPress. This language is the language that your blog is primarily written in.

Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of any page where you set new options. If you don’t click Save Changes, your settings aren’t saved, and WordPress reverts to the previous options.