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How to Set Personal Preferences on

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson

This section gives you the opportunity to configure some basic settings for how you would like to manage your site, including the display color of the Dashboard, use of keyboard shortcuts, text messaging, and more.

  • Fun: Select this box to tell WordPress to set up all of the options for you. This is called Fun Mode because WordPress sets random configurations for the Personal Settings, so you may be surprised with what you get.

  • Instant Post Feedback: Select this box to have WordPress display instant feedback details on your posts after you publish them. Information displayed includes things like social media sharing and tips for improving your posts.

  • Admin Color Scheme: This option changes colors on your WordPress Dashboard, which uses a black and gray color scheme by default. There are eight additional schemes you can choose from here.

  • Twitter API: Enable this option to connect to WordPress using the Twitter program of your choice. This option also allows you to follow other blogs via Twitter and to post status updates to the WordPress blog of your choice from Twitter. More information, including recommendations for Twitter programs for your desktop and mobile phone can be found here.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: These shortcuts are designed to save you time navigating through different areas of the Dashboard. Click the More Information link to read about how you can use keyboard shortcuts on your WordPress Dashboard.

  • Browser Connection: You can select whether to use the HTTPS connection when visiting your WordPress Dashboard. HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Sockets Layer) refers to a secure browser connection called SSL-encrypt, which protects your Internet connection and keeps out potential hackers.

  • Interface Language: The Interface Language option refers to the language that you want to set for the Dashboard only. Don’t confuse this setting with the Language option on the General Settings page, which determines the language you publish your blog in.

    If you want to view the settings on your WordPress Dashboard in Italian but want your published blog to appear in English, set the Interface Language option on the Personal Settings page to Italian and the Language option on the General Settings page to English. Capiche?

  • Primary Blog: This option is the URL of your primary WordPress blog. Because WordPress allows you to have several blogs under one account, if you have more than one blog, a drop-down menu appears here, and you can use it to choose the blog you want to set as your primary blog.

  • Proofreading: WordPress allows you to proofread your blog posts and page content. This section gives you several different options to choose from, such as

    • Biased language

    • Clichés

    • Duplicate words

    • Double negatives

    • Jargon

    • Redundant phrases

    Click the link that says Learn More (about these options) to read about how the proofreader can help you publish better content on your blog. You can also select the box next to the words to be sure that WordPress auto-detects your language preferences when proofreading.