How to Archive Your WordPress Publishing History - dummies

How to Archive Your WordPress Publishing History

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Packaged within the WordPress software is the capability to maintain chronological and categorized archives of your publishing history, automatically. WordPress uses PHP and MySQL technology to sort and organize everything you publish in an order that you, and your readers, can access by date and category. This archiving process is done automatically with every post you publish to your blog.

When you create a post on your WordPress blog, you can file that post under a category that you specify. This feature makes for a very nifty archiving system in which you and your readers can find articles or posts that you’ve placed within a specific category.

The Archives page on this personal blog contains an Archives by Subject section, where you find a list of categories that have created for the blog posts. Clicking a link below the Archives by Subject heading takes you to a listing of posts that were written on that topic.


WordPress lets you create as many categories as you want for filing your blog posts by topic. There are blogs with just one category and blogs that have up to 1,800 categories — WordPress is all about preferences and options for organizing your content. On the other hand, using WordPress categories is your choice. You don’t have to use the category feature.