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Free FTP Programs to Upload and Download WordPress Files

You use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to perform various tasks, such as uploading and downloading WordPress files, editing WordPress files, and changing WordPress file permissions. The ability to use FTP with your hosting account is a given for almost every web host on the market. FTP is a way of moving files from one place to another, such as:

  • Uploading: Transferring files from your local computer to your web server

  • Downloading: Transferring files from your web server to your local computer

Here are several other things you can do with FTP:

  • View files: After you log in via FTP, you can see all the files that are located on your web server.

  • See dates when files were modified: You can see the date the file(s) was last modified, which can sometimes be helpful when troubleshooting problems.

  • See file sizes: You can see the size of each file on your web server, which is helpful especially if you need to manage the disk space on your account.

  • Edit files: Almost all FTP clients allow you to open and edit files through the client interface, which is a convenient way to get the job done.

  • Change permissions: Commonly referred to as CHMOD (change mode), it controls what type of read/write/execute permissions the files on your web server have.

Using FTP to transfer WordPress files requires an FTP client, or program. Many FTP clients are available for download. Following are some good (and free) ones:

Your web host gives you a username and password for your account, including an FTP IP address. (Usually, the FTP address is the same as your domain name, but check with your web host, because addresses may vary.) It is this information – the username, password, and FTP IP address – that you insert into the FTP program to connect it to your hosting account.

FTP clients make it easy to transfer files from your computer to your hosting account by using a drag-and-drop method. You simply click the file on your computer that you want to transfer, drag it over to the side that lists the directory on your hosting account, and drop it. Depending on the FTP client you’ve chosen to work with, you can refer to its user manuals or support documentation for detailed information on how to use the program.