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How to Write Content with Keywords for Search Engines

Your blog posts and pages on your WordPress website should contain keywords to ensure that search engines display your content in the first page of results so that people will find your site.

Those results can change from day to day, so someone else may very well have take over those coveted positions in the first page. The reality of chasing high-ranking search engine positions is that they’re here today, gone tomorrow. The goal of SEO (search engine optimization) is to make sure that your site ranks as high as possible for the keywords that you think people will use to find your site. After you attain those high-ranking positions, the next goal is to keep them.

When search engines visit your site to crawl through your content, they don’t see how nicely designed it is. They look for words that they grab to include in their databases. You, the site owner, want to make sure that your posts and pages use the words and phrases that you want to include in search engines.

If your post is about a recipe for fried green tomatoes, for example, you need to add a keyword or phrase that you think people will use when they search for the topic. If you think people would use the phrase recipe for fried green tomatoes as a search term, you may want to include that phrase in the content and title of your post. You can apply the same technique to pages that you create on your website.

A title like A Recipe I Like isn’t as effective as a title like A Recipe for Fried Green Tomatoes, right? Including it in your post or page content gives the search engines a double keyword whammy.