How to Upgrade Your Services (For a Fee) - dummies

How to Upgrade Your Services (For a Fee)

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson, Matt Mullenweg

Although is a free service, it offers enhancements for a fee. calls these items upgrades, and you can purchase the upgrades from within your Dashboard. Click the Store link on the Dashboard navigation menu to display the Store page.


Following is a list of the current upgrades you can purchase to enhance your account with the prices reflecting the annual cost:

  • Add A Domain: This upgrade allows you to add your own domain name to your account. This service costs $5 for the domain registration and $13 for the domain mapping.

  • VideoPress: This upgrade allows you to upload, store, and share your videos from your account. This service covers the storage space that your video files take up on the servers. It costs $60 per year.

  • Custom Design: This upgrade lets you customize the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and use Custom Fonts for the theme you’re currently using in the system. Recommended for users who understand the use of CSS, this upgrade costs $30 per year.

  • Space Upgrades: With the free blog, you have 3GB of hard drive space for use in your upload directory. The various space upgrades add more, letting you upload more files (images, videos, audio files, and so on). Currently you can add

    • 10GB for $20 per year
    • 25GB for $50 per year
    • 50GB for $90 per year
    • 100GB for $160 per year
    • 200GB for $290 per year
  • No Ads: For the cost of $30 per year, you can ensure that your blog is ad-free. Occasionally, does serve ads on your blog pages to try to defray the costs of running a popular service. If you’d rather not have those ads appearing on your blog, pay for the No Ads upgrade and you’ll be ad-free!

  • Site Redirect: You can pay to add a forwarder on your blog address if you change blog addresses or domain name. The forwarder automatically forwards your visitor’s browser to your new domain name, or blog address, seamlessly. The cost is $13 per year.

  • Guided Transfer: Sometimes users transfer their site to their own hosting account using the (self-hosted) software, which provides them with a great deal more control and flexibility. If transferring your account is something you’d rather not do yourself, you can hire to do it for you for the price of $129.