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How to Optimize Your Post and Page Titles for Search Engines

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of preparing your WordPress website to make it as easy as possible for the major search engines to crawl it and cache your data in their systems so that your site appears as high as possible in the search results.

One way to present your content in a way that lets search engines catalog your site easily is to give your blog posts and pages titles that make sense and coordinate with the actual content being presented. If you’re creating a page on a certain topic, make sure that the title of the page contains at least one or two keywords about that particular topic. This practice gives the search engines even more ammunition to list your site in searches relevant to the topic of your page.

A page with the title A Book I’m Reading isn’t going to tell anyone what book it is, making it difficult for people searching for information on that particular book to find the page. If you give the page the title WordPress Web Design For Dummies: My Review, you provide keywords in the title, and (if you’re using custom permalinks with keywords) WordPress automatically inserts those keywords into the URL, giving the search engines a triple keyword play:

  • Keywords exist in your page title.

  • Keywords exist in your page URL.

  • Keywords exist in the content of your page.

As your site’s presence in the search engines grows, more people will find your site, and your readership will increase as a result.