How to Insert Hyperlinks in WordPress with HTML - dummies

How to Insert Hyperlinks in WordPress with HTML

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson

You will probably want to insert a link within the body of a WordPress website — commonly referred to as a hyperlink, which is a line of text that is anchored to a web address (URL) so that clicking the text takes a visitor to another website or page that appears in the browser window.

The HTML markup to insert a hyperlink looks like this:

<a href=””>John Wiley & Sons, Inc. </a>

To break down that markup, here is a simple explanation:

  • <a href= — This is the HTML markup that tells the browser that the text within this tag should be hyperlinked to the web address provided in the next point.

  • “” — This is the web address, or URL, that you intend the text to be anchored to. It needs to be surrounded by quotation marks, which define it as the intended anchor, or address.

  • > — This markup closes the previously opened <a href= HTML tag.

  • John Wiley & Sons, Inc. — In this example, this is the text that is linked, or anchored, by the web address, or URL. This text displays on your website and is clickable by your visitors.

  • </a> — This HTML markup tag tells the web browser that the hyperlink is closed. Anything that exists between <a href=”..”> and </a> will be hyperlinked, or clickable, through to the intended anchor, or web address.

Commonly, designers use URLs, or web addresses, to link words to other websites or pages; however, you can also provide hyperlinks to files such as .pdf (Adobe Acrobat), .doc (Microsoft Word), or any other file type.