How to Import Your Blog from LiveJournal to WordPress

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Both and offer an import script for LiveJournal users, and the process of importing from LiveJournal to WordPress is the same for each platform. To export your blog content from LiveJournal, log in to your LiveJournal blog and then type this URL in your browser’s address bar:

LiveJournal lets you export the XML files one month at a time, so if you have a blog with several months’ worth of posts, be prepared to be at this process for a while. First, you have to export the entries one month at a time and then you have to import them into WordPress — yep, you guessed it — one month at a time.

To speed up the process a little, you can save all the exported XML LiveJournal files in one text document by copying and pasting each month’s XML file into one plain-text file (created in a text editor such as Notepad), thereby creating one long XML file with all the posts from your LiveJournal blog. You can then save the file as an XML file to prepare it for import into your WordPress blog.

After you export the XML file from LiveJournal, return to the Import page in your WordPress Dashboard and follow these steps:

  1. Click the LiveJournal link and install the plugin for installing from LiveJournal.

    Click the Activate Plugin & Install Importer link, and the Import LiveJournal page loads with instructions to import your file.

  2. Click the Browse button.

    A window opens, listing files on your computer.

  3. Double-click the name of the XML file you saved earlier.

  4. Click the Upload and Import button.

    When the import script finishes, it reloads the page with a confirmation message that the process is complete. Then WordPress runs the import script and brings over all your posts from your LiveJournal blog.

    The Import LiveJournal page in the WordPress Dashboard.
    The Import LiveJournal page in the WordPress Dashboard.