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How to Find Web-Safe Fonts for Your WordPress Content

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson

The web is actually kind of picky about how it displays fonts and what kind of fonts you use for your WordPress site should be considered carefully because not all fonts are viewed correctly on the web.

The concept of web-safe fonts is easy to understand if you keep in mind that for a font to appear correctly on a website for any of your readers, the actual font used must be a system font on that reader’s computer.

If a font doesn’t exist on a reader’s computer, the web browser automatically displays the default font set in his web browser options. Because of this, you need to know the common fonts that exist within all operating systems to ensure each reader views your website the way you intended him to. Here are some common fonts that are safe to use in your stylesheets and website content areas:


You’re not restricted regarding the type of fonts you can use on web graphics, including logos, header images, buttons, and so on. Because those are graphics rather than dynamic content generated by the user’s web browser, the fonts you use in graphic design appear as you intend. Web-safe fonts refer only to font families that you include in the style definitions in the CSS for the website format.

The best way to discover the type of font you want to use for the content of your website is to try different fonts in your stylesheet to see which one you like best. A real handy tool is the Typetester. On its website, you can insert a paragraph of text and then easily change the font styles in the web browser with its tools.


The Typetester website is an especially handy tool if your clients have no idea what type of font they want to use. Send them to that website, and then tell them to test the various fonts available and report back to you with their preferred findings.