How to Edit Existing Links in Your WordPress Blog - dummies

How to Edit Existing Links in Your WordPress Blog

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson, Matt Mullenweg

You can edit the links in your WordPress blog by clicking the All Links on the Links menu; the Links page opens and displays a list of all links on your Dashboard.

When you first view the Links page, some links are already assigned to your blog. By default, WordPress provides seven links in your link list. These links go to some helpful websites that contain information and resources for the WordPress software. You can delete these links, but you should save them for future reference.

Here’s what you can do with your links:

  • Edit an existing link: Click the name of the link you’d like to edit. The Edit Link page opens. Edit the fields you need to change; click the Update Link button at the top right of the page.

  • Sort the links: You can sort by Link ID, Name, Address, or Rating by using the Order by Name drop-down menu. Likewise you can sort your links by category by using the View All Categories drop-down menu and selecting the Link Category you’d like to filter your links by.

  • Search for specific links using keywords and phrases: Enter your keyword in the text box at the top-right side of the Links page and click the Search Links button. If any links match the keywords and/or phrase you typed, they display on the page.