How to Add a Web Image to Your Post - dummies

How to Add a Web Image to Your Post

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson, Matt Mullenweg

Adding an image or photo from the web to your post is easy. Start by clicking the Add Media button, which is the first button on the Upload/Insert toolbar. The Add Media window opens, letting you choose images from the web.


To add an image from the web after you click the Add Media button:

  1. Click the From URL tab.

    This informs that you are uploading an image from the web.

  2. Type the URL (Internet address) of the image in the Image URL text box.

    Type the full URL, including the http and www portion of the address. You can find the URL of any image on the web by right-clicking it and selecting Properties.

  3. Type a title for the image in the Image Title box.

    This gives the image a title so you can easily identify the image later when using the Media Library. A title also assists in search engine optimization because WordPress inserts a <title> tag in the HTML markup that looks like this: title=“your image title here”, which helps search engines identify the type of content on your page.

  4. (Optional) Type a description of the image in the Alternate Text box.

    The Alternate Text, also referred to as the ALT tag, is shown only if a browser is unable to show the image itself. It provides a text description of the image; additionally, search engines read ALT tags easily, which helps them categorize your site in their search engine directory.

  5. (Optional) Type a description of the image in the Image Caption box.

    The caption gets displayed underneath the images on your blog after your post is published.

  6. Choose your alignment option.

    Choose from the None, Left, Center, or Right radio buttons.

  7. Type a link or choose not to link the image:

    None: You don’t want to link the image to anything.

    Link to Image: You want to link the image to its individual URL or you can type any URL you like to link an image to another website or page.

  8. Click the Insert into Post button.

    The photo appears in your post.