Free WordPress Plugins for Creating a Photo Gallery or Portfolio

Some great WordPress plugins work in tandem with the WordPress gallery feature. Photo galleries enable you to include a gallery or portfolio of visual design work, such as web designers and logo designers. You can display a photo gallery on your WordPress web site in a couple ways. One way is to use the built-in gallery feature in WordPress. The other way is to use a robust photo gallery plugin that allows you to create albums with galleries, for those who need a more complex solution.

Here are a handful of great, free plugins you can find on the WordPress Plugin Directory page and install automatically from within your Dashboard:

  • NextGEN Gallery: This plugin creates sortable photo galleries and offers a display of random and recent thumbnail images in your sidebar through the use of widgets, and more. You can download it from the NextGEN Gallery.

  • Organizer: Use this plugin to organize, rename, resize, and manage files in your image-upload folder. You can download it from the Organizer page.

  • Random Image Widget: This plugin lets you display a random image from your image-upload folder. You can download it from the Random Image Widget page.

  • Mini-Slides: This plugin lets you create inline slideshows from your uploaded images. You can download it from the Mini-Slides page.