Fonts for Your WordPress Website - dummies

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Fonts come in different shapes and sizes for your WordPress website. For the most part, choosing a font is the result of you or your client’s preference. However, a font can make or break your site. Using a font that is difficult to read might send a user elsewhere for similar content. For the most part, fonts can be grouped into common categories in terms of their style and type:

  • Serif: These fonts have decorative elements, such as tails or curlicues, at the edges of letters.

  • Sans-serif: These fonts have straight edges and don’t have decorative elements. Generally, sans-serif fonts are considered easier to read on computer monitors and mobile devices.

  • Script or decorative: These fonts resemble cursive or handwritten type. These are generally not used to display content because they can be difficult to read at small sizes.

  • Monospace: These fonts have letters that are all the same size and width, with no variation. Monospace fonts are typically used to display programming code.

These categories of font styles are generic styles that reference fonts commonly used in web content; however, hundreds of font styles are available to use in designing graphics, logos, and other design elements created in your preferred software.