How to Edit the WordPress Dashboard to Bring in Your RSS Feeds - dummies

How to Edit the WordPress Dashboard to Bring in Your RSS Feeds

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson

After you choose your data sources, clean up your feeds, and put them all in individual RSS feeds, you can finally bring them into WordPress and set up your social media listening hub.

You can bring these RSS feeds into your Dashboard through a plugin called Dashboard Widgets Suite, which you can find in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Follow these steps to set up the Dashboard Widgets Suite plugin and configure it to create a social-listening Dashboard in WordPress:

  1. From the Plugins menu on the left side of your WordPress installation, choose Add New.

    This step takes you to the form where you can search for new plugins.

  2. In the Search text box, type Dashboard Widgets Suite; then click the Search Plugins button.

    The search results page appears.

  3. Search for the Dashboard Widgets Suite plugin, and click the Install Now link, which installs the plugin on your site.
  4. When the installation is complete, activate the plugin by clicking the Activate button on the Add Plugins screen that appears to the right of the Dashboard Widgets Suite plugin name.
  5. Choose Dashboard Widgets from the Dashboard Settings menu.

    The Dashboard Widgets screen appears.

  6. Ensure that the Enable the Control Panel Widget check box is selected (as it should be by default).
  7. Leave all the rest of the default settings in place, and click the Save Changes button.
  8. Choose Widgets from the Appearance menu.

    The Widget Settings page appears.

  9. Add the RSS Widget to the Dashboard Widgets Suite widget area.

    Drag the RSS Widget into the Dashboard Widgets Suite widget.

  10. Configure the RSS Widget to display information from your selected RSS feed:
    • Enter the RSS feed URL.
    • Optionally, give the RSS feed a title by typing a title in the text field.
  11. Repeat Steps 8 through 10 for the other widgets on your Dashboard by using your other selected feeds.

    After you have your feeds set up, you can configure the appearance of your WordPress Dashboard.

  12. Drag and drop the new widget boxes where you want them on your Dashboard.
feed box widget wordpress
Configuring the Feed Box Widget.

This image shows a Dashboard with the RSS feed from a search on Twingly for the term WordPress For Dummies, shown in the top-right corner.

twingly search in wordpress
WordPress For Dummies search term displayed in the WordPress Dashboard.