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Corel PaintShop Photo Pro in WordPress Design

Corel PaintShop Photo Pro is one of the two most common raster-based graphic software programs used by WordPress designers. These programs have vector capabilities, but they aren’t known as vector-editing programs, and their vector abilities are somewhat limited. When you work with raster images, you need at least one of these two programs in your arsenal to create your WordPress designs.

Available from Corel, well-known for its suite of graphic-editing and photo manipulation software, is the PaintShop Photo Pro image and photo-editing software available for purchase and download. PaintShop Photo Pro is available for download as a single product, or as part of the larger Corel Digital Studio software suite that bundles several digital image, photo-editing, and design products. Currently, Corel products are available only for Windows.

You can control the amount of compression that’s applied to JPG files when saving them in PaintShop Photo Pro. The example shows applying a compression level of 10 to the photo saved. This amount of compression is a good tradeoff between reducing the file size and retaining much of the original image quality.

PaintShop Photo Pro allows you to preview the compressed image first before you save it, so you can decide whether or not you like how much compression you’ve added, and can adjust if needed.

PaintShop Photo Pro makes several add-on tools and utilities available to extend the capabilities of the program, enabling you to increase its feature set for methods and techniques you can use to create and edit images, including

  • Plugins: Add-on programs developed by Corel or third-party developers to extend the features of the program. Photoshop has plugins as well, and you can use those plugins with PaintShop Photo Pro because they’re compatible.

  • Masks and tubes: Small image files created by Corel or third-party designers, giving you some different image effects and graphics you can use in your designs.

  • Brushes and textures: Small image files created by Corel or third-party designers, which allow you to add different effects and elements to your design work.


This table gives you a few PaintShop Photo Pro resources, including downloadable add-ons, tutorials, and discussion forms to extend your knowledge base and improve your techniques.

PaintShop Photo Pro Online Resources
Resource Name Description

Corel Resources page
Contains tutorials, tips, and tricks.
PaintShop Pro Tutorials
PaintShop Pro tutorials and discussion form.

People ask whether Photoshop or PaintShop Photo Pro is the best for raster-based image files. Both are used for different cases; however, Photoshop is the most popular mainly because it’s available for Windows and Mac, whereas PaintShop Photo Pro is available only for Windows.

Also, with Photoshop, you can create layered PSD files for full website designs, whereas with PaintShop Photo Pro, you can’t (but you can edit them, with some limitations). Of course, Photoshop is much more expensive, so if price is a big consideration for you, you may want to opt for the more affordable PaintShop Photo Pro.