BuddyPress Glossary - dummies

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Part of BuddyPress For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Sometimes, the simple terminology used to describe different features can be confusing. Here is a quick look at the terms involved with the key BuddyPress components, along with a description.

Term Description
Activity Streams A listing of cumulative activity for each community user. Each time a user does something, such as post a new comment or status update, it shows up in their Activity Stream.
bbPress Forums Gives community groups the ability to create and manage a discussion forum for their group.
Blog Tracking An aggregation of a user’s blog activity, including new blog creation, recent blog posts, and comments.
Extended Profiles Allows site owners to create custom profile fields for their users to fill in with information that will display on their profile page.
Friends Allows community members to connect with one another through the ability to “friend” other members; each member subsequently has a listing of friends within the community.
Groups Gives community users the ability to create groups, which are a gathering of community members with similar interests, and gives them a place within the community to interact, discuss, and share information.
Private Messaging Allows community members to send private messages to their friends. Think of this as an internal e-mail program where users can send and reply to messages from one another, and the messages are kept private between the senders and recipients.