Adding Images from Your Hard Drive to Your Post - dummies

Adding Images from Your Hard Drive to Your Post

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson, Matt Mullenweg

Adding an image or photo from your hard drive to your post is simple. Start by clicking the Add Media button, which is the first button on the Upload/Insert toolbar. The Add Media window opens, letting you choose images from your hard drive.

  1. Click the From Computer tab.

    This informs that you are uploading an image from your computer.


  2. Click the Select Files button.

    A dialog box opens, letting you choose an image from your hard drive.

  3. Choose an image or multiple images to upload.

  4. Click Open.

    The image is uploaded from your computer to your web server. WordPress displays a progress bar on the upload and displays an image options box when the upload is finished.

  5. Edit the details for the image(s) by filling in the fields provided for you in the Add an Image box:

    Title: Type a title for the image.

    Alternate Text: Provides image ALT tags, which help search engines find and list your site in their directories. It’s a good idea to provide a description if you can.

    Caption: Type a caption for the image (such as This is a flower from my garden).

    Description: Type a description of the image.

    Link URL: Type the URL you want the image linked to. Whatever option you choose from the following three options determines where your readers go when they click the image you’ve uploaded:

    • None: You don’t want the image to be clickable.

    • File URL: Readers can click through to the direct image itself.

    • Post URL: Readers can click through to the post that the image appears in. You can type your own URL in the Link URL text box.

    Alignment: Choose None, Left, Center, or Right.

    Size: Choose Thumbnail, Medium, Large, or Full Size.

  6. Click the Edit Image button to edit the appearance of the image.


    Image editor options include:

    Crop: Click this button to cut the image down to a smaller size.

    Rotate counter-clockwise: Click this button to rotate the image to the left.

    Rotate clockwise: Click this button to rotate the image to the right.

    Flip vertically: Click this button to flip the image upside down, and back again.

    Flip horizontally: Click this button to flip the image from right to left, and back again.

    Undo: Click this button to undo any changes you’ve made.

    Redo: Click this button to redo image edits that you’ve made.

    Scale Image: Click this link to see a drop-down menu that you can use to set a specific width and height for the image.

  7. Click the Insert into Post button.

    The HTML code needed to display the image within your published post is inserted automatically. The media uploader window closes and returns you to the Add New Post page. (Alternatively, you can click the Save All Changes button to save the options you’ve set for the image(s) and then return at a later date to insert the image(s) in your post, without having to reset those options again.)