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10 Good Websites That Use WordPress as a CMS

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson

A tremendous number of well-designed WordPress sites are on the web. Because users can extend the WordPress software to function as so much more than just a blog, people refer to WordPress as a content management system (CMS) rather than merely a blogging platform. Here are ten sites that go beyond the blog.


IconDock, is a perfect example of using WordPress as an online shop. IconDock has a fully functional and easy-to-navigate e-commerce shop where visitors can purchase high-quality icons and graphics. IconDock uses the WP e-Commerce plugin and the DropShop commercial add-on plugin to create the drag-and-drop shop feature for its products.

If you can take away one good idea from IconDock, it’s the site’s smart use of the WP e-Commerce plugin to power its online shop. You can install this plugin on any WordPress-powered website, and you immediately have a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform that allows you to host a full-featured shopping cart.

Kate Rusby

Kate Rusby is a folk musician whose website is powered by WordPress. Through stunning graphic work, creative CSS styling, and HTML markup, her website design is clean, professional, and very eye pleasing.


Kate’s website displays different types of content offerings on her website in a unique way that makes it easy for visitors to locate and consume:

Katy Perry

The website for recording artist Katy Perry uses WordPress to showcase her message, music, and content offerings in a nicely designed package.

Katy Perry’s website is a clean design that’s easy to navigate and includes some great features, such as

  • The latest tweets from Katy’s Twitter account

  • A Breaking News section on the front page that pulls content from her internal blog

  • Blog posts that integrate social media sharing tools for Facebook, Twitter, and so on

  • Feeds on her front page from her online merchandise store, ticket sales, and tour dates

  • A music section that contains her entire discography

  • A photo gallery that contains feeds from Katy’s Flickr account


The official blog of the LIVESTRONG Foundation is a well-designed WordPress theme that places the blog content on the front page but also uses some interesting tools to provide additional content from some of the foundation’s other websites.

The LIVESTRONG blog also integrates social media nicely on its website via

  • YouTube video sharing

  • Twitter feeds

  • Flickr photo sharing

  • Facebook Connect

  • Social media sharing tools

Mozilla Labs

Built on the WordPress platform, Mozilla Labs takes advantage of custom category templates to create different types of content displays for each of the unique sections of its Projects page.

On the Projects page are more than 50 projects, listed with well-designed icons and descriptions. Click a project, and you’re taken to that project’s page, which is either a static page or a category within WordPress. Each project page has a unique design that sets it apart from the rest of the pages within the site.


The MSNBC website runs on the WordPress platform to present content for this online news network. MSNBC makes heavy use of the custom post types feature in WordPress to organize the different television news shows presented.


Aside from the content aspects on MSNBC, the site also takes full advantage of built-in WordPress features, such as featured images to display photos for each news story, embedded videos with a dedicated video gallery, customized use of the WordPress navigation menu navigation feature, widgets, and social media sharing and integration.

Time Healthland

The folks at Time must really, really like WordPress. Not only is the Healthland website fully powered by WordPress, but it’s also one of the VIP WordPress customers that takes advantage of the VIP offerings from Automattic.

To go even further than that, the Time Healthland website is a child theme that uses the default Twenty Ten WordPress theme as the parent.

Time Healthland is a great example of a WordPress-powered website that goes beyond the typical blog type layout by getting creative with

  • Post thumbnails

  • Popular posts

  • Posts by category

  • Social media integration


WebDevStudios is the website of the VIP WordPress consultants who designed and developed the Time Healthland and MSNBC sites. The WebDevStudios site is a stunning example of what you can do with the Twenty Ten WordPress theme.

Some of the features and design elements that stick out include

  • The navigation menu: The menu is enormous, very clean, easy to read, and easy to navigate.

  • A featured content slide show: WebDevStudios displays some of its more prominent content wrapped in a dynamic slide show via the WP Nivo Slider plugin.

  • Social media integration: WebDevStudios integrates its Twitter account prominently by posting its most recent tweets from the WebDevStudios Twitter page. Additionally, you can easily find WebDevStudios on other social networks through the use of social media icons found on the site.

  • A static front page with internal blog: The site uses a static page as the front page of the website and includes a blog as part of an internal section, rather than the main page.


WeGraphics is an e-commerce shop, powered by WordPress and the Cart66 shopping cart plugin, that sells digital or downloadable products.


The navigation is very user-friendly, starting with easy-to-read product categories, with coordinating and designated icons to set the product selections apart.

WeGraphics also offers high-quality graphic products that benefit any budding web designer:

  • Photoshop brushes

  • Icon sets

  • Texture files

  • Vector graphics

  • Theme designs


The official WordPress website is home to the WordPress software, itself. The front page is a static page with a custom page template that serves as a portal into the offerings of the rest of the site.

At WordPress.org, you will find