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How to Install and Use iOS Apps for Your Web Host

By Peter Pollock

You can install an app to manage your web host from your Apple device. If you are using an Apple device, such as the iPhone, iPad, or iPod, your device is running an operating system called iOS. If you aren’t using an Apple device, your device cannot run this software.

Where to find iOS web host apps

Apps for iOS are found in the Apple App Store, for which you’ll find an icon on one of your home pages.

There may be some apps that are not available in the App Store, so to install these you first need to jail-break your phone or device. Jail-breaking can be risky, can damage your device, and will most likely void any warranty you have from Apple or the company you purchased the device from.

Jail-breaking Apple devices is not recommended, but it is a matter of personal preference. If you choose to jail-break your device, you may be able to find apps for managing your web server that are not available within the App Store.

Be careful, though, because these programs have not been vetted by Apple and therefore have not been tested for malicious code. Jail-breaking your iPhone, iPad, or iPod and installing one of these apps opens you up to greater risk of viruses and malware.

Although Apple or the developer of the operating system that runs on it may penalize you for jail-breaking your device, the prerogative is still yours to do so. Currently, in most places, it is not illegal to jail-break your device, but the terms and conditions for most operating systems clearly state that the manufacturer will no longer support or update software on your phone if your device is jail-broken.

Essentially this leaves your device exposed and there is little or no liability on anybody who provides you with jail-breaking software or applications to install on jail-broken devices for any damage that may be caused.

How to install iOS apps

Installing apps on iOS devices is simple. You’ve probably already done it many times when you have installed games or applications.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to do it:

  1. Tap the app store icon to open the App Store.

  2. At the bottom of the App Store screen, tap the Search button. In the Search box, type the name of the app or control panel for which you are searching for an app and then tap Search.

    The App Store displays a list of available apps based on the keywords you provided in the Search box.

  3. Pick the app you want to install and tap it.

    The application’s page opens to show you some screenshots and give you details of what the app can do for you.

  4. Click the Install button at the top of the screen.

    Within a few minutes, the app should be installed on your device.

The app is installed as an icon on one of your home screens. Swipe through the screens to find it and tap the icon to run the app.

The best iOS apps for your web host

Apps are being developed all the time for different control panels, especially the major ones such as cPanel. It is always good to do a web search for something like best cPanel iOS app to find the newest and greatest recommended apps. Two of the best iOS apps available for cPanel are

  • CP Control Panel by Dayana Networks Ltd.

  • HostCP by Mihir Dhandha

Of course, “best” is a subjective term, and what one person thinks is wonderful another person may find confusing and impossible to use. If an app has a free version, it is always a good idea to install the free version prior to buying the full version so you can test it out and find which works best on your particular device and for your needs.

How to use iOS apps to connect to your web host

Installing an app is only half of the process because you need to give the app permission to make changes to your server. Don’t worry, though; it’s easily done. All you will need to do is type in the address of your website ( and your usual control panel login username and password.

It’s really that easy!