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How to Get Out of a Web Host Contract

By Peter Pollock

In reality, the majority of web hosts do not give refunds if you leave before your contract period has ended. In fact, if you got a cheap deal on your hosting, it may have come with terms and conditions that demand you either see out the term of the contract or pay for the privilege of breaking the contract early.

With most hosts, if you are paying the standard rates, there is either a one-month final fee (if you’re paying monthly) or simply no refund for the remaining months if you are paying annually or semiannually.

If you decide you want to move hosts, check the terms and conditions of the contract you took out and maybe even ask your host what its reaction will be.

When you move sites, it’s a good idea to keep (if possible) the old hosting plan running for at least a month, if not two, after you move. Consider this for the following reasons:

  • The grass is not always greener on the other side. Sometimes it’s only when you get to the other side that you realize how good you had it before and you may want to switch straight back. Keeping your original hosting plan means you can do that quickly and easily — and keep the same original rate.

  • Sometimes you think you transferred over all your data and it is only later that you find that some is missing or got corrupted during the move. If this happens, it is a great relief to know that your files are still at your old host and accessible so you can copy across what did not copy across correctly the first time.

    After a month or so, when you are sure that everything is copied across correctly and that things work the way you expect them to with the new host, you can close down your old hosting account. It’s kind of like buying a new insurance policy. You don’t want to let one lapse until the other is actually started; otherwise, you’re sure to run into trouble.