How to Create New Accounts on a Web Hosted FTP - dummies

How to Create New Accounts on a Web Hosted FTP

By Peter Pollock

You may want to create additional accounts on a web hosted ftp for a variety of reasons. This allows some versatility and control to improve your business functionality. Some reasons to add an account include the following:

  • You want to give someone else FTP access to your site.

  • You want to give someone FTP access to just a certain part of your site.

  • You add a domain or subdomain and want to create an account with direct access to it.

Your control panel gives you the facility to create additional FTP accounts. The following example uses cPanel to create new FTP accounts:

  1. Log in to your control panel.

  2. Find the Files section of the panel and click FTP Accounts.

    An FTP Accounts page appears.


  3. Enter the username and password you want the new account to have.

  4. Enter the directory you want to be the top-level directory this account can see.

    Users of the account will not be able to navigate above this directory. For example, you may have an images folder to which you want to give other people access so they can upload new images. Type the path from the document root to that directory, and that account will only be able to see the images directory and anything in or below it.

  5. Click Create FTP Account.

You can add as many accounts as your host will allow. To remove accounts you no longer need, go back to the same place and select the delete icon next to the account you no longer need.

For security purposes, it is a good idea to delete any unnecessary accounts and change the passwords at least monthly.