How to Choose the Right Script for Your Website - dummies

How to Choose the Right Script for Your Website

By Peter Pollock

With such a variety of scripts available, making the right choice for your website can seem overwhelming. When you use the following steps, you can quickly find the right script for your needs:

  1. Break down exactly what you want to achieve with your website.

    Be specific. Separate the functionality you need into parts, if necessary. You may want a site where you can share information about your organization or group, but also want a forum where your visitors can chat about certain things. You probably need two different scripts to do both.

  2. Do some research online.

    Open your search engine of choice (Google, for example) and search for phrases such as “best site creation script” or “top website poll script.” Phrases like these can help you find the type of script you need to achieve your goals.

    You can also search your web host’s control panel for likely scripts. All control panels are laid out slightly differently, and so it can sometimes take a little bit of hunting to find the installable scripts. Even with standard control panels like cPanel, the hosting company can customize the headings and the look and feel of the menus.

    What you’re looking for is an area that has a list of different categories or names.


  3. When you find scripts that seem like they might do what you want, search again for people’s opinions on those scripts.

    A good way to look for opinions on the scripts is by searching again for the name of the script plus the word “review” or “issues.” You’ll quickly find which scripts work well and which ones just frustrate people. Pick two or three scripts so that you can evaluate the differences between them.

  4. Install and test the scripts.

    Take a little time to try to master each script; don’t get discouraged just because you don’t understand how it works at first click. You’ll quickly see which script has the best functionality for your needs and which is easiest to work with.

After you choose your script(s), take a step back and ask yourself whether incorporating the script’s functionality will really help you achieve your goals for your site. It’s easy to get awestruck by the functions scripts can give you and start building something that isn’t exactly what you need to achieve based on cool features you’ve discovered.