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Do You Need Managed Services for Your Web Host?

By Peter Pollock

In the web hosting industry, managed services means an additional level of support and assistance over and above what you would normally get with a VPS or dedicated server. Every company has its own version of managed services, with different levels of support and assistance from company to company.

In essence, though, using managed services means that the hosting company takes over many of the technical, backend aspects of the hosting. The result is that you have an experience more like you would have with a shared server, but you still have the speed and power benefits of a VPS or dedicated server.

It’s a little like maintaining a car. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and sometimes spending a few frustrating hours (or days) fixing a problem yourself, it’s cheaper to maintain your own car. If you want some assurance the job has been done right by someone who actually knows what he’s doing, though, taking your car into a service center is often worth the cost.

If you don’t mind tinkering with your server, you don’t need managed services. You can find the answers to everything if you search the Internet. However, using managed services can give you peace of mind. It just comes at a price.

The decision, therefore, comes down to how much you want to do yourself — and how much it’s worth to you to have someone else do it for you.

Check with your host before you opt for managed services, though, to find out what its managed service contract includes. Otherwise, you could be in for a shock when you find that the managed services don’t provide everything you hoped or expected them to do.