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Track Visitors’ Actions on Your Website

Part of Small Business IT For Dummies Cheat Sheet (Australian Edition)

Converting your website visitors from casual browsers to clients or customers is the way to make money online. A conversion is when a visitor to your site takes a desired action. So, how do you track whether people are taking action?

  • If you have a fill-in inquiry form, you’re able to measure how many people visit this page compared to how many people fill it out.

  • If lots of people are arriving at your inquiry page but not going any further, perhaps the form is too difficult to understand or requires too many details. Review your form and then test the results.

  • If you have an online ordering system, check how many people are visiting a product page, viewing details and even adding the product to the shopping cart but then not checking out. This stat can give you some clues into where you may need to simplify the ordering process.