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How Visual Social Marketing Infographics Increase Sales

By Krista Neher

Visual social marketing infographics can drive sales for a business in a few different ways, though it isn’t always easy. Unmetric, a social media benchmarking company, created an infographic to generate exposure and drive sales. As a data company, it had interesting information that it could share in an infographic that also linked back to its business services.

For example, Unmetric created an infographic about the social media marketing of luxury brands that led to several inquiries from luxury brands. Unmetric also landed an energy supply client that had initially heard about Unmetric from its infographics.

Another example is a ski resort that creates an infographic about snowfall and temperatures to show that it’s the ideal place to ski. As long as the data is new and interesting, the infographic can be relevant and sell the resort.

The challenge of this approach is that driving people to take a specific action directly from the infographic typically doesn’t work well. Because the entire infographic is a single image, people can’t click on its individual components to move to a different web page or sales offer.

Infographics can also be used strategically to support the sales process. Businesses are creating infographics to tell their sales stories rather than creating standard brochures or sales tools. For example, the owner of Girlfriendology created an infographic to convince brands to market on her website. The infographic tells the story in a much more interesting way than a traditional PowerPoint presentation.


Don’t let your infographic focus too much on selling. Readers who are simply looking for interesting information often don’t want to feel like they’re “being sold to.” An infographic works only if people actually look at it, so balance your desire to sell with creating one that’s interesting to your target audience.