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Use Galleria to Build a Photo Portfolio

When designing your website to be displayed on the iPhone and iPad, you can create many different kinds of galleries and slide shows using JavaScript, but why start from scratch when many online resources can give you a head start?

Galleria is one of the handiest JavaScript galleries that works well on sites designed for the desktop or the iPhone and iPad. Galleria is also free and can be customized using fairly simple CSS to match the general look and feel of your site.


Galleria is in a constant state of refinement, so new features may have been added by the time you read this. The already existing features are quite nice, though. (Galleria is free to download and try out, but if you enjoy using it, you should consider making a contribution.)

After you set up your page for Galleria, you can choose to have your photos display in a limited space or choose full-screen mode. You can also add captions, make thumbnails display in a swirling carousel, and even set up a Flickr feed so that your site pulls in photos that have attributes (such as roadside diners) that you specify.

When you create a gallery with Galleria (or any jQuery-based plug-in), you should include a link to the jQuery library on your web page. Alternatively, you can download and install jQuery on your server, but it’s simpler to link to one of the popular hosts, such as Google, that make it easy to access the jQuery library on the Internet.

jQuery is the most popular open source JavaScript library. It’s designed to make it easier to add interactive features to web pages without spending years learning about functions, classes, prototypes, closures, and other heavy-duty computer programming features. Many online services and plug-ins use jQuery. Using a service like Galleria, you can copy-and-paste code snippets that perform common tasks for you.