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The Themes Options in Blender’s User Preferences

By Jason van Gumster

Blender has quite a bit of flexibility in adjusting how it looks, thanks to the Themes options. For example, to capture screenshots, you might want to use a variation of the Default theme, lightened for readability in black-and-white print.

However, when you work in Blender, you could use a theme that’s a bit darker and easier on the eyes. Darker themes are particularly helpful if you’re known for sitting behind the computer and working in Blender for 10- to 15-hour stretches (or more). In those situations, the less stress you can put on your eyes, the better.

The Themes options in User Preferences.
The Themes options in User Preferences.

A copy of a theme suitable for print is available online. Feel free to use this theme for your Blender sessions or make your own! Everyone has their own tastes. In fact, one of the more popular Blender users, Pablo Vazquez (known as VenomGFX), used to have a theme that’s completely purple and pink! He’s since moved to something a bit more tame, but pink still is used in it. You can see it by trying out the theme named Amaranth.