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Use Google Analytics for Information about Your Squarespace Website

By Kris Black

For the casual Squarespace 6 user, the Activity area in your site will provide enough useful information about your Squarespace website’s traffic and visitors. However, if you’d like more detailed information about the site’s statistics, a more powerful solution is available.

Google Analytics is one of the best traffic-measuring tools you can use. Squarespace 6 easily integrates Google Analytics into your site by adding a tracking ID in your site’s Settings in the General settings area.

So what can you track with Google Analytics that you can’t get from Squarespace’s Activity area? Following is a list of the top Google Analytics features that can help you discover more about your site’s statistics.

  • Mobile site reports: Find out which mobile device is used most frequently to view your site, see the location on a map of where mobile devices are used, and discover mobile-device-specific metrics such as bounce rates and visit duration.

  • Real-time analytics: See exactly how many visitors are on your site right now, which pages they are viewing, and whether a current social status update directed them to your site.

  • Social media reports: Discover what content on your site is being shared on social media sites such as Google+ and YouTube, and which social media channel is referring the most traffic.

  • Site speed: Find out how fast your pages are loading for your site visitors

  • In-page analytics: See information overlaid on your website showing how many clicks each link on a specific page gets.

  • Conversions: Set up goals to measure the success rate of how visitors move through your site.

  • Reports: Create custom reports to be e-mailed to you on a routine basis.