Squarespace 6 Editing Modes - dummies

Squarespace 6 Editing Modes

By Kris Black

Part of Squarespace 6 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Knowing where to go in Squarespace 6 to perform a certain task can be a confusing decision for someone who has never built a website or who is new to using Squarespace. You interact with the following five areas of Squarespace to perform certain tasks:

  • Preview: See how your site and content will look to your site visitors. You can modify your site’s design in Style mode using Style Editor. You also have access to Content mode for managing content and blocks, which are areas of your site that appear on multiple pages, such as a site footer or a sidebar.

  • Content Manager: Add pages to your site’s navigation areas. Content Manager is also where you add content to your pages using an extensive selection of blocks, and arrange those blocks on the page to create unique content layouts.

  • Activity: Study how people visit your site to find out what content is the most – and least – popular, how they find your site in search engines, and what other websites may have referred them to your site. If you have a blog on your site where people leave comments on blog posts, you can reply to and manage those comments in Activity.

  • Settings: Control your site’s settings and configuration, including setting general site settings, choosing a new template, adding your own custom domain, and inviting contributors to help maintain your site.

  • Commerce: Manage your site’s store orders, inventory, shipping, coupons, taxes, and other e-commerce settings.