How to Work with Page Items on Squarespace - dummies

How to Work with Page Items on Squarespace

By Kris Black

On blog, events, gallery, and products pages on Squarespace, you can create five types of page items to categorize your content into related groupings, such as:

  • Blog posts

  • Event listings

  • Gallery images

  • Gallery videos

  • Products

First, you find out how to add an item to blog, events, and gallery pages. Then you look at the different settings for these items.

How to add an item

To add an item to your blog, events, or gallery page, simply follow these steps:

  1. Select your blog, events, or gallery page in Content Manager.

  2. Click the button to add an item.

  3. On blog pages, the button is Add Post. On events pages, the button is Add Event. On gallery pages, click the Add Images or Videos button or the Add Media button.

    If you have added a new page and are adding your first item, you can also click the large plus sign for blog and events pages in the middle of the item listing area.

    Clicking the dotted-outlined box in the middle of the item listing area on new gallery pages will allow you to add only photos to the gallery page. If you need to add videos, be sure to click the Add Images or Videos button.

  4. If you’re adding an image or a video to a gallery page, click the appropriate icon.

  5. Add your content.

    A blog post has a text block added automatically in the content area so you can begin typing your content.

    You can set your site to always use a Markdown block as the default block that appears in new page items instead of a text block. Change this in Site Manager→Settings→General.

    If you’re adding an image to your gallery page. To add a video to your site, you will need to know the URL to the video hosted on the other website (such as YouTube or Vimeo).

  6. (Optional) Add a title.

    You should add a title to blog posts and events. If you don’t, Squarespace will generate a random, hard-to-remember sequence of letters and numbers for the page URL of the blog post or event.

    When you add a video’s URL, as you do in Step 4, Squarespace will pull the video’s title into the title for your video item. Make sure this title is what you want because the title will be used in the URL for the video page URL on your site.

    When you add an image to a gallery page, Squarespace automatically generates a random sequence of letters and numbers for the image’s page URL. The URL will not match the title you give the image. This may not be an issue, depending on how your galleries are displayed in the template you are using.

  7. Save your item.

    If you want to finalize the item later, click the Save button to save it as a work-in-progress item, called a draft. To instantly publish the item on your site, for site visitors to see, click the Save & Publish button.

How to remove an item

To remove a blog post, an event, a gallery image, or a gallery video, simply do the following:

  1. Open the page item.

    To open an item, double-click it.

  2. Click the Remove button.

How to set the status of your page item

Maybe you prefer to write several blog posts and then locate images for them. You might have only the dates for events and need to come back and add the locations later. Or perhaps you want to add a few videos to your gallery and then have an assistant add descriptions later.

By setting the item’s status, you can work on the item in stages. The following four status settings are available:

  • Published: Sets your page item to be viewed by your site visitors.

  • Scheduled: Publishes your page item on the date and time you choose.

  • Needs Review: Indicates that the page item is ready for review, if you have contributors who have permission to edit page items.

  • Draft: Sets the page item as unpublished, so you can edit it later.

For new page items, click the Draft status setting at the bottom of the Edit dialog box to change the status of your page item.